Learn how to meditate and engage with your spiritual guides.

An incredible CD of that gives you and amazing experience at an incredible price.

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Meeting Your Guides

Having reached global status, star of the Sky TV show “ANGELS” where her ability can be demonstrated for all to see Nicky is releasing her second CD, “MEETING YOUR GUIDES”.
This Double CD:
  • Enhances your spiritual path
  • Helps you escape into complete relaxation and serenity
  • Comes with a Beginners Meditation to Meeting Your Guides
  • Also includes an Advanced Meditation for Longer Mind Focus

A proven method for helping you relax, bathed in beautifully enchanting music…

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Nicky Alan
Acclaimed Psychic Medium
Acclaimed psychic medium, Nicky Alan is riding high on her spiritual quest to bring messages from the spirit world to the masses. In a very short space of time, Nicky has excelled in proving herself as one of the world’s most truly remarkable mediums of her time.
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Incredible CD that will help you develop your spiritual path and open your channels to meet your Guides and Guardian Angels.

Available on CD & MP3 download

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Take yourself on an incredibly intimate journey to meet the higher beings that watch, guide, nurture and help you on your earthly and spiritual path. Embrace the pure magic of their loving intervention and teachings during this beautiful audio assisted meditation. It is set on an idyllic shore of a magical island surrounded by crystalline waters.

"Discover the brand new CD that is creating so much excitement in the
spiritual and wellbeing world"

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During her many workshops, this particular meditation was channelled repeatedly from Nicky’s Main Soul Guide Julianus as a simple way to help you develop on your spiritual path and meet your Guides and Guardian Angels.

Not only will your spiritual path be enhanced, you will also experience complete escape into relaxation and serenity bathed in this beautifully enchanting music.
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What people are saying about Meeting Your Guides and Nicky Alan.

The calmness and tranquility is mesmerising and soothing.”
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“It takes you on a journey where you are meant to be. The calmness and tranquility is mesmerising and soothing. All your concerns and worries are washed away and a place of stillness comes upon you. You are without fear or loneliness and rejoicing in love and closeness to source energy.”

- Gary Stern

“Her voice is calming and direct, enabling meditators to fully engage with their guides.”
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“Having been lucky enough to attend one of Nicky's workshops, I can honestly say that listening to her CD is like having her in the room guiding me through this meditation. Her voice is calming and direct, enabling meditators to fully engage with their guides. This CD promotes a feeling of relaxation and serenity for people beginning their meditation path as well as for those who have been practicing meditation for some time.”

- Renée Wallen

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